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The True Love Family


Josh and Lisa Navone

We live locally and have embraced all that the Finger Lakes Region has to offer.  We truly enjoy the people of the Finger Lakes Region and love sharing the True Love with everyone we can.  True Love in simple terms really represents what we all hope and dream about, True Love is just that .....True Love.  She is a beautiful and magical sailing schooner that has a profound impact on all who sail her.  In some ways she has a spiritual effect on her passengers, calming them and providing comfort along the passage.  Her beautiful lines are timeless and remind us of days gone by and times of ease and peace.  True Love is again and again, True Love.  When we first set eyes on her it was hard to look away, her presence is known when she is near and her silhouette is seen from afar.  Captivated and drawn in by her beauty and history,  we were boat struck...


As with any real True Love in life, much time and effort are needed to make them last.  We are only her stewards for a short while in this life, for now she has chosen us to care for her and keep her safe and beautiful.  She may again find another couple that will do the same, but for now, she is our True Love and we hope that she brings as much joy and happiness to all of her passengers as she does to us.  With gratitude and thanks to True Love we hope you enjoy your sail.




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